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Happy Belated Birthday

This blog post was actually ready back in March but given the circumstances we all of sudden didn’t feel like celebrating. But forget that sh*t, it’s time to celebrate wherever, whenever & however we can!

It’s finally our freakin birthday - Get Lost Images was born on a leap year...On February 29th, 2016 to be exact. While this makes us pretty freakin special it’s also problematic when we want to celebrate because it’s only once every 4 years. So...what do you do when your birthday finally comes around & you're a boudoir photographer??? You celebrate with your #girlgang (aka your hair & makeup superstars & a bombass babe), you pop some Gigglewater, mix mimosas, eat cupcakes & shoot an epic session.

Okay...who are we kidding! We do all that at every photoshoot, because every time we get someone between the sheets is a reason to celebrate. We hope you treat everyday like its your leap year birthday!

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