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Wow, our first blog post...& let’s be honest...we are pretty much blog virgins feeling our way around in a dark back seat! But there are a few things we do know about, so let’s talk about those: Being a woman, adventuring, lingerie, photography, travel, self-growth, wanting to make a difference in this world & above all...about being Best Friends...who happen to be photographers!

These things are really important to us & we wanted to find a way to capture them so...Get Lost Images was born! We had all these things we loved about ourselves, but we needed to find a way to bring them together…I mean how do you tie together lingerie, kayaking, an unnatural obsession with Chuck Taylors & vajazzling (this is a whole other blog post & we’re still working on this one)…BUT we did find a way to celebrate all that makes us…well US!!!

We combined our passions into a photography company that specializes in creating images for women (by women) out in the wild, in the boudoir & in the studio.


We adventure! We are weekend warriors. We dabble. We are fucking dabblers. We will try anything once or maybe twice!! Willow always said she would never be a mountain biker... now she heads straight down the trail, ass back & hair flying with Rosie!! This is life, this is living, this is adventuring. We want to capture those moments in every woman’s life. The moments when she expands her horizons, challenges herself & better yet, does it with her girlfriends. Stay tuned for a future blog post on Rosie snorkelling for the first time!


We love being sexy even if we don't feel like we are everyday. We like pretty things...lingerie makes us feel empowered, connected & sensual. Life is seriously too short to wear boring undies! We want to show you how fucking sexy you are...right  Not who you were when you were younger & not who you think you are going to be when you lose 10lbs. Celebrate who you are RIGHT NOW you sexy minx!


We are to two different women...& we are learning to love our own Individuality. Some women like dresses, some like jeans, some like bare's what makes us...US! We need to own that shit! We want to help you embrace whatever makes you YOU: your classiness, your sassiness or your fucking badassiness!!!  

We are discovering that we are not alone. There are a bunch of us crazy bitches in this world!!! So jump on this crazy train with us (yes we love Ozzy too) & Get Lost with Rosie and Willow (that’s a hashtag in case you were wondering). 


Come be a part of our revolution...find us on Instagram, Facebook & Pinterest. We are Rosie & Willow, Best Bitches Forever (BBF)...If you want to find out more & Get Lost with us, look up...look way up, yep keep scrolling...all the links are at the top!

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